Show Me Your Fears

by Pony Girl

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released 28 September 2013

Pony Girl is:
Pascal Huot, Yolande Laroche, Julien Dussault, Isaac Vallentin, Greggory Clark, Cameron Hill & Jeff Kingsbury.

Recorded by Pony Girl
Mixed by Dean Watson at Gallery Studio
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering
Cover art & design by Pony Girl & Antoine Ryan

Featured Musicians :
Yuri Bakker - Keys & Arrangements
Raphael Weinroth-Browne - Cello
Gillian Carrabré - Viola
Fiona Ferguson - Flute
Chris Hutchinson - Flute
Greg Jones - French Horn
Karolyne LaFortune - Viola
Greg Moffat - Flugelhorn
Jonah Poplove - Viola
Théan Slabbert - Nylon Guitar
Stefan Thompson- Trombone
Olivier Trahan - Trombone
Carol Tsai - Cello




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Pony Girl

"Melodies of guitar, synth & haunting voices were coupled with samples & electronic keys. I think Röyksopp & OSI had a baby that was raised by Sigur Rós & Little People. The filly grew up to be more than the sum of its parts and remained faithful to the places where it was nurtured. This is where you’ll find Pony Girl, in the galleries & studios of the world." - OSBX ... more

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Track Name: Sun of the Morning
There are dreams where no one dies. Confined in bodies, what shape is mine? In the sky, the house of a thousand lights. Open wide windows to find you like a bird, patiently waiting inside its cage. Tell me why, is it a mirror of pride keeping you here?
Let's all stare at the sun. A future looking bright, hold your eyes up, kingdom rise. Burning at your feet. Empty houses, full of greed — don't be fooled by light.
I was hoping that the sun would melt today, drip away, splash us with grace. I tried to poke it out; that eagle eye, sharp and distant, watching its prey, flying away.
Try your best to hide, he'll find you at the end of time. That's where, he will find you there, i swear — it's not like there is room for two. New rule: i can only speak. Morning star, sunlight. Press your body with my cold intentions.
Transparent fruit to keep us alive with healthy minds, it's time to shine.
Track Name: Better Days
Never never say it's better, you don't know what it means. Last time you talked to me you said you fell in love with a machine. My mind is going i can feel it, oh no.
Our life in motion it never stops, this very moment we can feel for two days time. Breath it in, reassured. Roses on your hope of light, light of the sky - your pain is mine to feel tonight. You and i will never die.
Brilliantly anything, how can i surprise your eye? How can i make you feel alive? Weighing down to tame, to speak up. Hold on, listen. I think we should think of better days.
What if i miss you old days, far away neighborhood. To thank the new world, the same ever-lasting lack of love. No need to remind me how. How come we tried? Clever disguise in your eyes, it is time for me to let go.
Fear the night, cold breathless night. Speak my mind, tries. Reasons with hope, colors me cold, marching on inside. Never never say it's better, you don't know what it means. Days of night, leave us to our own design. Watch it rise.
Track Name: Sleeptalk
I'll be the one you want to talk to in your sleep.
I'd like it if we got up early and stared at the tree, that's where they live in. Outside my bedroom window, inside their tiny little heads - sunlight never fails to comfort their endless thoughts.
Into the dark, beyond what we see. Away from what you thought was real. There's no one to guide you, your mind is the light. When you come back you'll find out who was right.
I'll be the one you want to talk to in your sleep.
You asked me "are they sick if they're laying motionless for hours every day?" i can hear a voice outside. The sound they make is bigger than their bodies. We watched them as they went.
My guardian waits, feeds on colors she finds inside of me. Into the dark eye of the storm, brightest ever known - blinding absence of light. Make it quick; leave no space to give up. We shall not all sleep, in death i ask, please make me feel no pain.
Just another morning tide, sweeping my feet off the night, travelled inside, no path is left behind. Who ever thought the world was flat? Not even once looked outside. Inside his head no logic can test time. Seeing the mark can only scare. Looking behind, forget i'm there. Closer i'll breathe the last breath in your lungs.
When you sleep, when you're asleep.
Sleep now my darling, angel. Close your eyes, fostering darkness. Idol of stone, cold feet, barely breathing. The lost art of simple pleasures.
Track Name: Golden Children
You will go to heaven if you feed the birds. Handful of good intentions, happy to recognize the self. Take what you need, golden children. By chance, a change of thought - pocket change, food for thought. Bore them to death. Hands pressed against themselves, the god you made yourself.
Ruler of the day, mundane figure. Look how many gathered for the same long awaited embrace, that barely let's you breathe.
Track Name: Human
I'll wait for you to come back home, come back where you belong. We're all human, after all, we're here to stay just for a while. Spend all my days in bed. Come on, let's dream instead - of watching it move.
Wasting your youth. Try to be true when you talk to me in your sleep.
Track Name: Show Me Your Fears
I stood up to faith, i woke up too late. The morning sun is to blame, when feelings fall to shame.
Guardian of my troubles, where did you go? Scared me out of my skin. I see it crawling in and creeping up until you're out of sight - the fear grows over me. Why do we need to leave home. Come on face it, afraid of my desire. Morning sunlight, remind me what i have.
Don't leave now.
My cold intentions are made of gold, wear them without any clothes. Let them bring out your eyes. Shine on, bright enough to find the future. To find me hoping that a change of thought will change my ways. It's true, i might be wrong. Hold it up against our lack of understating, we care. I might be wrong. Don't leave now, it's not time to go.
Long distance rival. To this day, i owe it all to you. Simple little pleasures. How funny it would be to find yourself in someone else, trembling when we meet. The first of many, i want you to hear the inner sound - the joy of finding home within the soul.
The morning sun is to blame, when feelings fall to shame.
Show me your fears, put them right next to mine. I got nothing to hide.