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by Pony Girl



Foreign Life album: 7 November 2015


released 18 May 2015



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Pony Girl Ottawa, Ontario

"Melodies of guitar, synth & haunting voices were coupled with samples & electronic keys. I think Röyksopp & OSI had a baby that was raised by Sigur Rós & Little People. The filly grew up to be more than the sum of its parts and remained faithful to the places where it was nurtured. This is where you’ll find Pony Girl, in the galleries & studios of the world." - OSBX ... more


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Track Name: Candy (demo)
You said: “Don't worry now, there's nobody else I want to feel with: I want to feel.”
Watch how your body and mine collide. Nothing between us: just you and I.

Leave the faith that tries to answer. Leave faith in others

I'm a believer do I get a prize? Transmigration? Or me in you?
I listen as you stare right through me inside that little black dress. Sheer enough to share the line that draws your perfect oscillating shape. Sheer enough to let me wander across your holy state. Can I stay forever? Everyday?
I'll never leave this place.

You said: “don’t stop until I reach the sky. Please keep me up there; please keep me up”. Our first communion both knees on the ground. My host in your care without the hands. The Eucharist caressing my tongue inside, I'd eat it all day: I'd eat it all. The last meal left you full and so satisfied. No room for candy.
Just you and I