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Foreign Life

by Pony Girl

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Singing a song to get my own foreign life. Working all day to live for just a little while. You ask me why I spend all my time in a box? To make sure that you're happy, just like me. Now don't you try to lie to me, say it's my fault — that I ask you to take and not to give. When my body is old who will pay the bill? For you, my child, everything you will have. So you are loyal, forever grateful. I will work myself dry.
No God 04:55
When we meet I will float away. My hands are shaking, try to hold on. Your eyes are sinking deeper. With hope and reason, they speak to me: “Let me free, let me fall. I have seen too many things wrong.” Try to smile before you go. Let me rest in its glow. Set the sun on hold. No god, no gold can help you see all that there is. I remember how I let you go, it's not easy to forget. Find meaning and purpose. Then, if you do, I will tell you anything. The price to pay is sight — to see all that there is. With the sound of the iron bell, are you scared of the dark? In the sheets of my iron bed, do you sleep well at night?
Candy 02:41
You said, “Don't worry now, there's nobody else I want to feel with.” I want to feel. Watch how your body and mine collide. Nothing between us: just you and I. Leave the faith that tries to answer. Leave faith in others. I'm a believer, do I get a prize? Transmigration? Or me in you? I listen as you stare right through me, inside that little black dress. Sheer enough to share the line that draws your perfect oscillating shape. Sheer enough to let me wander across your holy state. Can I stay forever? Everyday? I'll never leave this place. You said, “Don’t stop until I reach the sky.” Please keep me up there, please keep me up. Our first communion, both knees on the ground. My host in your care, without the hands. The Eucharist caressing my tongue inside, I'd eat it all day. I'd eat it all. The last meal left you full and so satisfied. No room for candy. Just you and I.
Adultery 03:58
Oh, my god. We were wrong all this time. There is no such thing as unadulterated love. Damn. I'm weaker than I thought. Some will find what is right: a silver line. Yarn at your feet, stitching in the dark. Sparks, that one day will be stars. Forgiveness is hard to hold, precious as gold. To spend it all on me? What a choice. Frugal in your eyes, but I feel rich. One year's time flew right by our careful eyes. Happy to have seen it, but how can you stand strong where I can't help but fall? Lust or fright: both will drive a heart of gold mad. Showing teeth. Thirsty in the flood, drink no more than enough. When I wake up in bed dressed as someone else, I see on my face that hurt love never holds. A mark of shame, a scar in between my eyes. To heal under the sun, young skin never folds.
You keep calling. I’d rather feel it now. Everything you've ever felt is coming to life. On paper, it's better than it seems. Mark my word, my insecurities won't show. I'll hide them with pictures of self-control. I am insatiable. Make it look like it's by will and not a dying trend that speaks of profit, “At what expense?” Pictures of glorious fame, idol of bronze remains. Not a scratch to remind our youth, ”You'll fade away.” Darling, don't you know, that's not how they do it in the movies. On my hands and knees, don't you wish to please me? Sell love. Whatever you say, it's meat to me. Look into the lens and smile. The eye of providence won't shy at pictures of dominant ways. Power to those who wait by your side, while you take more from the little faith that I have left in our old ways. Pictures of falsified hope. I don't think they know that it's what we fear that sells. Daddy’s little girl. Boy, I wouldn't want to be mommy's little man. I swear he wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, that time he was high — powdered face and broken glass. Cut his knuckles, dry nose bleeding down his favourite shirt. He wants to match the red, film it all. Act as though nothing’s wrong. You keep calling. I’d rather feel it now.
Quiet Mess 01:26
You'd think that spending all of your days in books would teach you how to read minds, or simply help you tell the time. When it's best — to confess. Lay your soul to rest. Quiet mess, the softest bullet in.
Hamady 01:05
Theo 03:53
Theo my son, this song will raise the dead, the spectacle. Oh my, how will you learn to love? It’s not easy, no, without a struggling heart. I can only wish you the best of rests. When you finally wake, remember those we forget. He who tempts the jaws — misguided, lost — quickly redeems the guilt of using those you love. Take it from me, you're not alone. Home is where you're happy. The idols were never born. No, they never were born. They were made to control us. “Look up to me,” they say. You don't need no reason not to believe. Aren't we great? Aren't they stupid? There's no shame pride can't wash. Dried bloodstains mark our borders. Pray the rain won't whitewash the pain away. Candy coated red. Dissolve with time. Theo, don't fear the thought of losing those you love. Fright will twist your bones, blinding at sight. All that there is left to do is remember.
Strangers 03:36
Doesn't matter what you say, walk out the door. You don't need them anymore. All of your friends — I call them strangers. Who you are will always be met with resistance. I would look up to you. Tall monument, indestructible. To reach your height, impossible. I swear that I won't think too much of the past. Someday we will fall apart. Jenny please, put your trust in me. Stop lying yourself to sleep at night. Did I hear you call again, for help, his name in vain? Tell me, why didn't you talk to me? I would have loved to hear your voice again in confidence. For an hour, minute, second — enough to prove that I'm wrong. As you lead me to my knees, all of my friends are smiling. And I feel so good, I just feel so good. Makes me feel so good. Strangers, till death do us part. Repeat after me, this time: what have I done? I could have grown old with you, but I'm just a stranger. Look over the walls you built around me.
Little Life 03:44
I could only have dreamt of a better life. I'm spent. Glad to call you a friend. You taught me how to look past the picture of my little life. In a body built on grief and that feeling like you're barely moving. I don't belong here. It's not easy to please yourself. We talk about the others, but what about each other? I think my mind is made. Then it's settled. As you watch, I'll burst into flames. The heat will speak for me. Leave bones and teeth. Dig deep with your fingernails. Lost inside the ashes of me. Find what it means. My gold crowns will glitter like stars in the ocean. Warm to the touch, the coals, fingers running through my remains. Write with the ash. This is my final resting place.
Demon Dream 02:43
I thought that I was free, far away from me. Feeling something new: motion sickness for two. Feeling like I had pictures in my head of people from the past, people that I’ve met. I'll close my eyes to start hiding from the dark. Holding on too tight, holding on to life. Float away. Take me by surprise. Float away, far away from here. There is something left to find, a collection of sounds. Some can make you feel, some are just too real. Breathing in the air, the smell of bleach. I can tell when they had arrived, when they had just left. A shape dressed in white sets closer, as I think of days spent in bed, days that I have fled. A light will stretch my eyes, bright enough to find secrets about them, secrets that I’ve kept. Demon dream, go to bed. Freedom from myself.
Clarity 04:58
On the other side, I saw a ghost. All of me inside. It's not a joke to grow old without you. You shouldn't wait to show you care. Don't be scared, the other is yourself. Staring at me, what do you see? Never felt old when we were young, self-absorbed. Finally, clarity. I can see her hand. Reaching in — to hold. As he walked in you froze, you froze. Face shifting out of control. It’s not because we change with time; we just got to know each other. Intolerant, you're just scared of what you can't hold onto without caring. Good mourning ambassador, the loudest voice shouldn't always be heard.
Singing a song to get my own foreign life. It’s alright.


released November 7, 2015

Pony Girl:
Pascal Huot — Guitar, Electronics, Lyrics, Vocals
Julien Dussault — Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
Yolande Laroche — Clarinet, Vocals
Greggory Clark — Electric bass
Jeff Kingsbury — Drums, Marimba, Percussion
Mitch Cousineau — Electric Piano, Piano, Synth

All songs written by Pony Girl

Recording and Production
Julien Dussault and Pascal Huot

Julien Dussault, Jeff Kingsbury
and Pascal Huot

Mixing and Mastering
Denis Martin

Cover photograph and Design
LOG.CB and Rémi Thériault

Featured musicians
JF Beauchamp — Flugelhorn and Trumpet
Chris Hutchinson — Flute
Greg Jones — French horn
Jonah Poplove — Viola
Raphael Weinroth-Browne — Cello
(Raphael appears courtesy of The Visit.)

Thank you for listening. Pony Girl is a growing collaborative project between musicians and friends. ‘Foreign Life’ was written between 2012-2014 and recorded in 2015. Admittedly, it was difficult to finish this record. Not from lack of funds or fun, but because of its cathartic nature. We started imagining this album before we had a band, played any shows or went on tour. It now exists as a tribute to our wide-eyed ambitions, which now feel more like memories. Thank you to our families for their patience and support. Thank you to our friends who generously lent us their time, recording spaces, synths and minds. Finally, Jeff would like to dedicate his performance to Brian Kingsbury.
So Sorry Records
SOSO-003 ©2015

Pony Girl gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council.


all rights reserved



Pony Girl Ottawa, Ontario

'Enny One Will Love You' Release shows in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto.

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